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Greek Golden Visa Biggest in Europe

In just the first half of the year, Greece has issued nearly 3,000 golden visas for main applicants and another 4,597 for dependents

With the number of applications increasing, the programme is expected to overtake Portugal’s golden visas issued over the last two years.

Since the launch of the programme back in 2013, Greece granted a total of 8,367 golden visas to main applicants and 12,086 to dependents, leaving far behind other EU countries.

Keeping this pace, Greece’s golden visa programme will have approved nearly 6,000 main applicants this year, and when adding the number of dependents, the programme will surpass 15,000 golden visa residence permits this year, making it the world’s largest golden visa programme,  and greater than the EB5 Visa Program by an astonishing 50%.

The majority of the applicants are Chinese, Russians, and Turks, whiles applications for Iranians have doubled since March. Iranians also have highest average of applicants with the most dependents.  


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