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Survey about UHNWIs people who have a second passport

A recent survey (Knight Frank’s Attitudes Survey) has revealed that the percentage of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs), holders of a second passport, has reached 36% (71.300 people) and while a further 29% (57.400) is planning to obtain one.

Based on the survey, the overall total number of UHNWIs is 198.000 and it’s expected to rise to 250.000 over the next five years.

The survey reveals that in 2019 Latin America has the preeminence in UHNWIs holding a second passport, with the share of 71% (increased from last year’s results of 41%).  
Following Latin America, UHNWIs from the Middle East come at a second place with 41% of them owning a second passport, followed by Russia and CIS at 39%, Europe at 32%, North America at 30%, Africa at 29%, Asia at 26%, and finally Australasia at 24%.

The numbers of those considering a second passport is also rising, with the biggest markets being Latin America, Russia and CIS and Africa.

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