Permanent Residency by Investment in Ireland


Ireland Permanent Residency - Immigrant Investor Programme

The Irish Immigrant Investor Programme is open to non-EEA nationals and their families who contribute to Ireland's economy by either making an investment or a donation. Applicants and their family members who are granted residence permits in Ireland are allowed to enter Ireland with multi-enty visas and remain in Ireland for a defined period with the possibility of on-going renewal. 

Residence permits are issued to successful applicants for five years (2 years initially until the authorities review that the investor continues to meet the programme's requirements, then 3 more years are granted). After the initial period of 5 years, the applicant may apply for residence in 5-year tranches, or they may apply for naturalisation. 

There is no requirement for physical residence in Ireland, other than a visit once every 12 months. In the case where the applicant wishes to apply for naturalisation after the 5 year period, they must fulfill the residency requirements of the naturalisation scheme, which requires applicants for Irish naturalisation to physically reside in Ireland for the 12 months prior to to application and to be physically resident in Ireland for four of the proceeding eight years (i.e. 5 years). 

Ireland Permanent Residency features  
Visa Type Immigrant Investor Programme 
Time Frame 3-6 months
Requirements Investment in an Irish enterprise or an approved fund of €1mn for minimum 3 years or investment of €2mn in any Irish Real Estate Investment Trust (ERIT) listed on the Irish Stock Exchange or donation of €500.000 
Minimum Investment Usually €500.000
Taxation The tax system is immigrant friendly 
Years to qualify for Citizenship 5 years of residency 
Language for Citizenship Yes
Permanent Residence Dependent 
Other requirements None
Dual Citizenship Yes 

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