Jersey Residency Program

Jersey High Value Residency Scheme

Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands, makes an ideal place to raise a family as it offers its residents with a high European standard of living, high level of modern communication and scenic beauty.
It enjoys a good reputation and because of its mild climate and the wealth of activities it offers, Jersey makes for an idyllic place to raise a family a with a good quality of life.
From a tax perspective, the island is popular for its low income tax and estate duties. A Jersey Residence Permit does not allow as many visa free travel options. As for time frame, the application procedures in Jersey are extremely efficient and the entire application process can normally be completed within a time frame of as little as one month, unless additional information is required. Compliance standards and due diligence processes are considerably less than other countries.

Jersey Residency program is extremely efficient and timely as the entire application process can normally be completed within one month, unless additional information is required.

The minimum investment consists of GB£125.000 tax contribution paid annually, which is a very reasonable option measured against other residence programmes. However, an applicant is also required to show substantial net worth and an expected annual income from a robust source or sources of at least GB£625.000 after taking residence in Jersey.
The regulations for citizenship are the same as in the UK, and the British Government is responsible for administering the laws covering British Citizenship through the British Nationality Act 1981, which also applies to Jersey.

Jersey Permanent Residency features  
Visa Type 2(1)E Category High Value Residency Scheme  
Time Frame 1 month  
Requirements Substantial net worth; min. annual tax payment of
Minimum Investment GB£125.000 tax contribution paid annually
Taxation Max. income tax rate of 20% special provisions for 2(1)E residents; no net wealth; capital gains or inheritance taxes
Years to qualify for Citizenship 5-6 residence
Language for Citizenship Yes
Permanent Residence Yes
Other requirements None
Dual Citizenship Yes

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