USA EB5 Visa Programme

USA EB5 Visa Programme (Green Card) 

The United States of America are one of the most popular destinations for investors as it is a country that welcomes immigrants and it is a very attractive place to live or do business, offering its residents a great quality of life.
US citizens and residents are subject to tax on their worldwide income, regardless of how much time they actually spend in the US. Taxes are levied on both federal and state level. In general, the US tax system is onerous and complicated with comprehensive reporting requirements.

Immigration possibilities include the EB-5 visa programme, where applicants can be granted permanent residence permits (aka “Green Card”) within a short period of time. The EB-5 green card programme provides that an individual can choose to invest either US$500.000 into one of the designed Regional Centre projects and become a limited partner in that new enterprise, or invest a minimum amount of US$1 million in a new business creating 10 new full-time jobs. Funds must stay invested until residency status is granted (usually about 4 years).

The process for obtaining residency in the US is relatively slow compared to other programmes as the process can take up to 9 months. The investor must apply for permanent residency in their home country and obtain conditional resident status first.
When it comes to compliance and due diligence, the US ranks as one of the most detailed programmes. Permanent residents are allowed to settle in any geographical location within the US; but they are limited in their visa-free travel options when compared to other countries.

To be able to apply for citizenship, a person must live continuously in the US for five years without leaving for trips of 6 months or longer, and pass a civics test. Additional conditions are minimal. 

United States EB5 Visa Programme Features  
Visa Type EB-5 Green Card  
Time Frame 12-24 months
Requirements Minimum investment of US$500.000 in a pre-approved “regional centre” which is in a targeted employment area, or the individual can invest a minimum of US$1 million in a new business
Minimum Investment US$500.000 – US$1 million
Taxation Taxed on their worldwide income, taxes are levied at both federal and state level
Years to qualify for Citizenship 5 years “continuous” residence status, 30 months (2,5 years) physical residence in the US 
Language for Citizenship Yes
Permanent Residence Green Card
Other requirements Civics test
Dual Citizenship Yes

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