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Cyprus Investment Program is amongst the most popular in China 

According to the Residence and Citizenship by Investment Company Directory, the Chinese are the biggest customers for residency and citizenship investment programs, with an increasing number of upper-middle-class Chinese citizens investing in second country long-term residency or passport regimes.

The Residence and Citizenship by Investment Company Directory has recently conducted a research among 102 Chinese investment immigration services providers, including the Top 5- largest “Residence or Citizenship by Investment (RCBI)” firms in China, to reveal which RCBI programs are the most popular among Chinese investors.


Source: IMI Research

As expected, the US EB-5 investor program is the most commonly offered residency program to Chinese customers. The programs has always been on the top of the customers’ list, mainly due to opportunities it provides at attending US universities.

Cyprus CIP follows closely behind the US with its investment programs. More precisely, 57% of Chinese RCBI firms provide services related to Cyprus’ CIP program, making it the most popular program among Chinese investors. As an EU member state, Cyprus allows investors as well as their families to the opportunity to obtain citizenship.

Cyprus investment program has recently been revised with a few amendments in its requirements and expansion of investment options. You can read the full amendments here. The changes in Cyprus’ regime have not affected interests from Chinese high net worth individuals (HNWIs), especially with investments made directly to properties due to the high annual yields. During the first five months of 2019 alone, 4,846 properties have been sold. 

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