Permanent Residency by Investment in Malta

Malta Permanent Residency - The Malta Residence and Visa Programme

Malta has developed a good business infrastructure and has positioned itself as an effective international business hub over the past 15 years, simultaneously becoming an attractive location for private residence as it offers a good quality of life to its residents.

Non-Maltese citizens can acquire residence status the Malta Residence and Visa Programme that was launched in 2015 by the Parliamentary Secretary for Competitiveness and Economic Growth. The programme provides international non-EU / EEA / Swiss Nationals investors with residency rights. 

The Permanent Residency and Visa Programme is aimed at persons who buy or rent property in Malta with the minimum requirements of between €270.000 - €320.000 purchase price or €10.000 - €12.000 annual rent, depending on the location. An additional investment of €250.000 in Government Bonds is required, held for a minimum period of five years. A steady annual income of €100.000 arising outside of Malta, or existing capital of €500.000 is also required and a valid health insurance are additional requirements. 

The processing time for a residence application is generally around a month, a very efficient period compared to other residence programs.

Resident permit holders can apply for citizenship if they are residents in Malta for a combined period of four out of six years but is not easy to obtain. 

Malta Permanent Residency features  
Visa Type Residence and Visa Programme 
Time Frame 1 month  
Requirements Acquire property in Malta with one of the following criteria: Purchase of a property for minimum value of €270.000 if the property is in Gozo or in the south of Malta, or property of €320.000 if the property is elsewhere, or rent a property for a minimum of €12.600 annually if the property is in Malta; if the property is in the South of Malta or in Gozo  €10,000 annually
Minimum Investment Minimum investment of €250.000 in Government Bonds held for five years, and prove minimum annual income of €100.000 from abroad or that the applicant owns assets of minimum €500.000
Taxation 15% tax on foreign income remitted to Malta: no Inheritance tax, no CGT on immovable if owned and occupied as a main residence for three years  
Years to qualify for Citizenship 4 out of 6 years residence but not easy to obtain, unless applying under Citizenship by Investment  
Language for Citizenship Yes
Permanent Residence Yes
Other requirements None
Dual Citizenship Yes

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