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How to choose your citizenship by investment programme

With a number of citizenship by investment programmes available, we set-out below the most important considerations and steps to choose the most suitable programme for you and your family. 

1. Establish MOTIVATION:

Lower taxes, personal and family safety, getting a passport, starting or expanding a business, to be closer to relatives, to find a better school for the kids etc.

2. Establish your RELOCATION type:

Complete, Partial or Resident Tourist.

3. Link your type of RELOCATION to an INVESTMENT TYPE:

For example, complete with active investment, partial with real estate and resident tourist with living expenses.

4. Establish the LANGUAGES you are comfortable with:

Will you look for ease and move to a country that speaks a language you already know, or are you unafraid or eager to learn?

5. Establish your ideal TIMEFRAME:

If your country is becoming increasingly unstable, choose a program with a fast processing time. If you are looking for a great passport to travel with, do not apply to a country where it takes 10 years to become naturalized.

6. Establish the TAX consequences of your relocation:

Determine not only the personal income rate, but how it will affect you specifically. Figure out how much money you will lose or save.

7. Establish your RELOCATION COSTS: 

In addition to the tax you will lose or save, factor in rent, cost of living, education, health insurance etc.

8. Establish your BUDGET: 

You might not have one, but if you do, many programs and cities can be struck off the list because their cost of living will be too high.

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