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Malta Residency Visa Programme

Malta’s Residency Visa Programme recently reached more than 1,000 applications, making the programme the 7th most popular worldwide despite being the youngest programme in Europe.
Furthermore, a few amendments have been recently introduced:
Until today, the MRVP required an investment in government stocks amounting to €250.000, an administration fee of approximately €30.000 and the purchase or a rental or a property for a minimum of €270.000 or €10.000 p.a. respectively.

With the new announcement, the required investment of €250.000 is no longer limited to government stocks but now also include securities traded publicly on the Malta Stock Exchange, like common stock or corporate bonds.
According to the terms of the “Malta Residence and Visa Regulations”, investments in these securities may also be achieved through an investment in collective investment schemes, licensed and on the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange.

Benefits of MRVP:
  • EU residence card allows visa-free travel within Schengen area
  • Right to reside indefinitely in Malta
  • Five years’ permanent residence, renewable indefinitely
  • Investment required only for first five years
  • No residence requirement
  • Family members can be included
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