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Work permits for Cyprus companies 

An alternative way to acquire residency in Cyprus is by obtaining a work permit for your own Cyprus company in a timely, professional and cost effective manner.
We can assist you in every step of the process from collecting information to completing registration of the company at Civil Registration and Migration Department (CRMD). Our services include gathering and organizing all required documentation, and where applicable, dealing with relevant documentation on your behalf.
Non-EU/EEA Employee Registration & Employment in a foreign company
A Cypriot company has the option to recruit staff originated from non-EU countries by adhering to certain preconditions which are outlined below:
  • The majority of the company’s shareholders should be foreign shareholders
  • For new companies, the amount of €171.000 needs to be initially deposited into a Bank in Cyprus from overseas and the relevant supporting documents should be provided
  • Following the initial deposit of €171.000, the capital can be used as long as at least €41.006 is always kept available on the corporate bank account
  • It is not permitted that the companies operate from a private residence, part of a residence, or other offices. Instead, they should operate from their Cyprus based self-contained offices.
The following documents are required for work permits for the Cyprus companies:
  • Company's corporate documents in originals;
  • Certificate of directors and shareholders of the Cyprus company;
  • Description of the activities of the Cyprus company (mini business plan);
  • List of employees of the Cyprus company;
  • Documents in accordance with the (Know Your Client) KYC procedures, such as international passports and proof of address of the company's main shareholders;
  • Bank statement in a Cyprus Bank with a minimum balance of at least €41.006;
  • The lease contract for the office of the Cyprus company;
  • Bank documents confirming the direct investment to the company's account in the amount of not less than €171.000 to a bank account in Cyprus;
  • For old companies, audited reports of the Cyprus company for the previous tax years as requested by the Migration Department.
Following successful registration of the company at the Migration department, we may proceed to register the employee for a work permit with the Immigration Department.
The required documents to be filed are as follows:
  • Medical insurance and medical exam certificates
  • A contract of sale or title of any property in Cyprus acquired by the applicant, or a valid rental agreement
  • Employment agreement
  • Employers liability insurance
  • Bank guarantee (valid for at least one year)
  • Certificate of clear criminal record
  • Resume and professional diplomas
  • Three passport-size photographs
Our dedicated team of professionals can assist you from the very beginning of your decision and help you at all stages - from collecting documents, filling forms to processing all documents on your behalf.
If you're interested in obtaining a work permit for your company in Cyprus, please contact us at and a member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible to start-off the process promptly. 

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