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Netherlands follows Switzerland by introducing new rules for Schengen Visa Applications

The European union regularly oversees and implements new regulations, tools and schemes so as to ensure the ultimate goal of a safer Europe and enhance the number of yearly visitors. This June the Council of the European Union has proposed new amendments to the Schengen Visa code in a bid to facilitate trade, business and travelling around the area whilst maintaining high security measures. 

Following the European Council’s proposal of amendments to Schengen Visa code, Switzerland was the first country to apply the code, which will be implemented as of February 2020. Recently, the Netherlands has announced that it will also be implementing the effective application rules at the same period as Switzerland.

The new proposed amendments to Schengen Visa code include:
  • Schengen travellers can apply for a visa, six months before a trip (previously three months)
  • Schengen seafarers can apply for a visa, nine months before a trip.
  • An airport transit visa will no longer be required for travellers holding a valid residence permit or visa for Aruba, Curacao, Saint Maarten, Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba.
  • As of 2020 the travellers visa fee of €60 will increase to €80 and for children aged 6-12 the fee will increase to €40 from €35.
  • Post 2022, Passports of non-EU travellers will not be stamped when entering or exiting the Schengen boarders.
The higher fees will contribute to budgets allocated to increase the tools utilised to respond to challenges posed by illegal migration and move towards a more transparent Schengen area. EU member states will be required to employ and cooperate with external service providers to make visa admissions smoother, safer and transparent. Additionally, multiple entry visas and additional facilities will be made available for frequent Schengen zone travellers, athletes and artists.

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